Last night, I was called the “r-word.”  A racist.  A charge, if proffered in a different context, I would find humorous.  I had posted, on the Yahoo boards, a plea for immigration reform and a brief explanation, saying that nearly every undocumented person in this country would be willing to sign up for legal residency if the legal system to do so was at least half way logical.  Accessible.  I further explained that it is in the public interest to “sign up” all the honest folks, who happen to be undocumented, because that will make it easier for law enforcement officials to isolate the truly criminal element that live among us and rid them from our presence.

And for that expression of thought, I was attacked.  I got the old standard Fox News lecture, “what part of ILLEGAL in illegal alien do you not understand.”  Por favor.  Letting Bill O’Reilly do your thinking for you is pretty pathetic.  I was told that I did not understand immigration and that I was a racist for favoring Mexicans over others.  Which is why I first laughed.  I know how the legal process works;  I have had to do it myself when I lived abroad, and I have helped others with their papers in order to gain legal entry into the US.  The “racist” accusation, however, is what truly disturbs me.  Not that he struck any chord.  I’m assuming this person thinks I’m Hispanic, a Mexican-American.  So, of course, in this person’s twisted mind, I only care about Mexicans.  That’s projecting.

And I’m seeing a lot of that nowadays.  Projecting, that is.  If you call somebody a racist for no reasonable cause, that probably means that you’re the racist.  Glenn Beck calling President Obama a racist is probably the most glaring example of racist projecting.

Worse, casually throwing around these epithets amounts to little more than school yard bullying, and it is destroying the public debate.  About immigration and many of issues that are important to this nation.

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