Who Wrote SB 1070?

I think this is an important question.  Proponents of Arizona’s new Immigration legislation, SB 1070, nation-wide, have argued that the bill is largely innocuous and merely mirrors existing Federal legislation.  I follow politics more than the average citizen, and I’ve actually worked in the field.  And before I even read SB 1070, my olfactory senses were experiencing discomfort.  There is a stench emanating from this bill.  If it merely mirrors Federal law, why pass it all?  If all it does is mirror Federal law, it would be like the City of Phoenix passing a law that says that the speed limit on I-10 shall be 65mph, or as posted, or until the State or Federal Government changes its laws regarding Interstate travel.

I firmly believe that the intent of any law can be surmised by getting a little familiar with the people who have written, funded, supported, and voted for it.

The Federation for American Immigration Reform, better know by its misleading acronym FAIR, and one of its leading legal counselors, Kris Kobach, drove this legislation and provided the working draft for the law that was signed by Acting Governor Jan Brewer.

What is FAIR?  Well, if you’ve found this site, you can probably do an Internet search yourself.  But I can provide a preview.  They claim to be promoting Immigration reform, and they claim that they are not racist.  But these claims can be easily revealed as being deceptive.  Actually, it pretty clear that their claims of being race neutral are pure bull.  For many years, they accepted funding from a pro-eugenics organization called the Pioneer Fund, that is widely considered to be a Neo-Nazi organization.  The Southern Poverty Law Center considers FAIR a hate group.  They contend that all immigrants are a drain on our economy and our resources, despite the fact that that has been proven to be false time and time again, and they advocate capping annual immigration numbers at an arbitrary 300,000.  I could go on and on.

But what about Kris Kobach, the FAIR lawyer who actually wrote the initial draft of SB 1070?  Would it surprise you to learn that he is a frustrated politician who is presently running for public office in his home state of Kansas?  When he ran for Congress in 2004, he lost pretty badly.  Now he is trying is hand at a more obscure office, the Secretary of State of Kansas.

In the interim, Kobach served a two year term as the State Chairman of the Kansas Republican party.  His brief term was filled with controversy due to his far-right policies, divisive politics, and the establishment of what can be called a litmus-test for Republicans in Kansas.  Those Republicans who failed to toe his line were stripped of their voting rights regarding state party business.  He bragged that one of his most important accomplishments as Party Chair was having the voting rights of legally registered American voters revoked by using the ruse of voter caging.

Kobach has a clear legal record of supporting any kind of anti-immigrant legislation, no matter how mean spirited.  He has fought against employers who have been granted the legal right to hire undocumented workers, he has fought against schools that permit undocumented students, and he has even fought against landlords who rent to undocumented citizens.

This last one really shows me who this man is.  It’s one thing to argue that the police get involved, but Kris Kobach has argued, on more than one occasion, that landlords should be legally required to verify the citizenship status of the people to whom they rent property.  That’s a very slippery slope.  Who’s next?  Car dealerships?  AMTRAK?  Furniture stores?  The pharmacy?  Where does it end?  McDonald’s?

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